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News items in 2013

Date Title

6 Jun 2013

National Safety Council Updates Cell Phone Ban Resources

he report explains how employers can be held liable when employees are involved in crashes where cell phone use is a factor.

5 Jun 2013

OSHA Aligns Hazard Communication Standard with the UN

A final rule updating OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard.

4 Jun 2013

OSHA Alert on Engulfment & Suffocation Hazards in Grain Storage Bins

A Hazard Alert about the deadly dangers to workers of engulfment and suffocation while working inside grain storage bins.

3 Jun 2013

Grain Elevator Company Pleads Guilty in Teen Worker's Death

Tempel Grain Elevators LLP pled guilty August 5 to violating OSHA regulations

2 Jun 2013

OSHA May Regulate Tandem Container Lifts

A federal court has ruled the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) may regulate so-called "vertical tandem lifts" (VTLs)

1 Jun 2013

No-Defects Filing for Intermodal Equipment to End

Drivers returning cargo containers to the equipment provider won't have to file a written report

31 May 2013

New Injury and Illness Prevention Programs

A new Injury and Illness Prevention Programs webpage to provide easy to use, informative and useful guidance

30 May 2013

Water, Rest and Shade: Preventing Heat-Related Illness

OSHA has initiated a national outreach campaign to educate workers

29 May 2013

OSHA Recordkeeping Advisor

A new Web tool to help employers understand their responsibilities to report

27 May 2013

OSHA Administrative Penalty Information Bulletin

OSHA is implementing several changes to its administrative penalty calculation system.

26 May 2013

OSHA Inspectors Get New Field Manual

The latest version of the Field Operations Manual, Severe Violator, Maritime Sections Added

25 May 2013

Final Subpart F Rule: General Working Conditions in Shipyard

The final Subpart F Rule: General Working Conditions in Shipyard Employment.

24 May 2013

New Safety Guide for Rigging

A new safety guide for rigging.

23 May 2013

Stainless Steel Scrap (Sintered Cake)

Photos of an incident at the port of Montreal involving a product described as "stainless steel scrap (sintered cake)".

22 May 2013

National Maritime Safety Association Safety Videos

How to access these essential safety videos

21 May 2013

Fire Extinguisher Failure

The results of an investigation about fire extinguisher failures

20 May 2013

Quick Worker Access to Whistleblower Protection Information

Workers who "blow the whistle" on prohibited or unlawful practices in the workplace

19 May 2013

OSHA QuickCards on Safety in Marine Cargo Handling Operations

Three QuickCards addressing worker safety topics in marine cargo handling operations.

18 May 2013

Waterfront and Container Safety Guidelines

General guidelines distributed by Australia for the ISN World program.

17 May 2013

Recordkeeping is focus of new National Emphasis Program

OSHA launched a National Emphasis Program on recordkeeping