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Heat Stress

Heat Stress

Heat Stress 2017As the weather is getting warmer throughout the country the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is getting ready to launch its National Campaign to Prevent Heat Illness in Workers.  Each year, thousands of workers experience heat-related illnesses and many even die working in the heat.  This is preventable.  That is why we need your help in raising awareness about the issues and resources available from OSHA.

OSHA has found that in recent years, the lack of acclimatization led to serious heat illness or death in 74% of OSHA citations.  Heat illness prevention programs, which can help prevent illness and death, were absent or missing elements such as acclimatization or providing potable water.  New and temporary workers are even more at risk for heat-related illnesses.

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Workers who are exposed to extreme heat or work in hot environments may be at risk of heat stress.

NIOSH Criteria Document,  Criteria for a Recommended Standard: Occupational Exposure to Heat and Hot Environments, February 2016


Additional Resources for Workers and Employers

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